BIKE Game: Pavel Alekhin VS Walter Mayerhofer

BIKE Game: Pavel Alekhin VS Walter Mayerhofer

The homie Pavel Alekhin teamed up with Team rider Walter Mayerhofer and Russian Superstar Petr Andreev for a BIKE game and as you can expect, shit turned out pretty funny. If you’re to ever play a BIKE game against Walter Mayerhofer, please pick your tricks carefully, because according to this video, he doesn’t do 1-footed manuals because “he’s not in a circus”. Hit play!

January 22, 2018
Video: Walter Mayerhofer Bikecheck 2017

Video: Walter Mayerhofer Bikecheck 2017

Austrian-turned-Spanish all-around Badboy Walter Mayerhofer got a fresh bike rollin' and he knows damn well how to use it! Peep the video if you'd like Walter to give you all the specs in a true Walter fashion, and even if you don't care about the specs, there's some riding clips in the mix, so give it a watch either way!

March 22, 2017
Bikecheck: Walter Mayerhofer's Partymaster

Bikecheck: Walter Mayerhofer's Partymaster

Walter Mayerhofer is the funniest human alive on this planet and he just put together a new The Rise Partymaster. He's Austrian, now living in Barcelona, an he's loving it. As soon as he received his Partymaster, he wasted no time giving the world his opinion about the bike, and he's damn right:

"Finally a frame that fits my lifestyle."

Check out his bikecheck below along with a full parts list and a bunch of riding picutres!

Frame: The Rise Partymaster
Fork: Rock Shox Argyle 80mm
Handlebars: Pride Street Profit Bar 106mm
Stem: Pride Street Friction Stem
Grips: S&M Mike Hoder
Bar ends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Cane creek Tapered
Seatpost: Pivotal
Seat: Pride Street Mad Seat
Pedals: Merrit
Cranks: Pride Street Atlas 19mm
Sprocket: No clue, found it in our house
Chain: Pirate Half Link
Front Tire: Specialized Rhythm Lite
Back Tire: Kenda Kranium
Rims : Dartmoor Shield
Hubs : Pride Street Mono Hubs (I switch up rear wheels once in a while, my Coaster wheel has an Affix Frecoaster)

November 16, 2016
Walter Mayerhofer Pride Street 2016

Walter Mayerhofer Pride Street 2016

Walter Mayerhofer just dropped some FIRE!!! Watch him as he shreds the best spots barcelona has to offer along with some dope skatepark footage. The video starts off slow and quickly evolves into some smooth and stylish runs followed by some high speed bangers. You definitely don't want to miss this one!

April 06, 2016
Walter Mayerhofer in Portugal

Walter Mayerhofer in Portugal

While on a trip in Portugal, Walter Mayerhofer had a casual session at the Skatepark and captured it on tape. His session got cut short because of the rain be he still managed to stack a bunch of good clips. This is also a good occasion to mention than Walter biked all the way from Salzburg, Austria to Barcelona, Spain with his brother that barely rides bikes! Make sure to Follow this dude on Instagram, but be careful: his trip photos might make you drop your job and go ride your bike. Always good to see fresh footage from him, Walter is the man!
October 12, 2015

O.L.O.B. part 14

Here is the first footage from our trip to Barcelona this winter done by Sebastian Nitsche. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for another video which will be done by Walter.
June 08, 2012

Photo: Walter Mayerhofer

Just a quick photo of Walter riding on a wall down a set of stairs, looking good!
May 04, 2012

Walter Mayerhofer's Dobermann Bikes welcome edit

Walter Mayerhofer is now riding for Dobermann bikes and here is his first video on the new bike. Came out pretty sick and just in time for Christmas. You can Click Here to see what Dobermann has to say about this, mixed with pictures of his bike and some riding too. Also make sure you Add Dobermann on Pinkbike to see what they're up to.
December 25, 2011

Gypsie at Linz

Gypsies go Lissfeld... from Raffael Stiborek on Vimeo.
The Gypsie crew including Bernie, Fabe dog, Volta, Ralfi and a few others recently took a trip to Linz skatepark. They managed to get quite a few clips to put this nice video together.
December 12, 2011

Walter Mayerhofer video

All around badboy Volta jsut came through with this new edit of him riding the streets and park of Salzburg in Austria, came out pretty sick! Videocredit goes to Raffael Stiborek.
October 12, 2011

o.l.o.b part 7.1

o.l.o.b. part 7.1 from sebastian nitsche on Vimeo.

In this installement of Our Life On the Bicycle we have some nice riding from Walter, Fabe dawg, Bernie and Sebastian Nitsche edited to a nice remix of Biggies Dead Wrong. r
September 02, 2011

30 seconds with Walter Mayerhofer

Quick video of Volta getting some stunts done at the Linz skatepark in Austria. Looking good! Two posts in a row, looks like the internet likes Volta today or something!
August 07, 2011