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Bikecheck: Matt Macduff's Partymaster

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Damn it feels good to see this! Matt Macduff just started riding again, and be assured that he jumped back in the game the same way he left; like a BOSS! No need to take you through Matt's Loop Insanity from last year again, he's a brand new man for 2017 and he recently got the OK from his doctors to hop back on the bike!

All decked out with Industry Nine wheels, Fox Forks and Azonic Components, this Partymaster is without a doubt the sharpest bike Matt's ever owned! Peep through the pictures and parts list below, and make sure to leave a comment if you're as stoked as we are to see Matt back on his bike! Welcome back homie!


"This bike is very special to me. After my crash last march I never thought I'd be able to ride again... For me this bike resembles all the hard work I've put in. All the struggle, doubt and fear I've overcome to get to this point in my life.

I'm so thankful to have my main outlet back again and I couldn't be happier with my ride. It's just the way I want it but somehow better... It's the bike I wish I had my whole life! " -Matt Macduff

Frame: The Rise Partymaster
Fork: Fox 831 36 110mm
Handlebars: Azonic Flow 2" 750
Stem: Azonic Riot stem
Grips: Sensus swayze slip on
Seatpost: Azonic Pin it Post
Seat: Chromag
Pedals: Azonic World Force
Cranks: DK Social
Sprocket: Kink Astro
Tires: Geax Booze Light
Wheels: Industry Nine Torch Enduro

January 18, 2017
Matt Macduff on Azonic/O'Neal !

Matt Macduff on Azonic/O'Neal !

There is no words to describe how much work Matt Macduff has put in the sport over the last few years and despite recently taking a huge slam attempting his 40 Ft. loop, he shows no sign of slowing down. We are extremely happy to see him get support from Azonic and O'Neal for some fresh components and clothing! Watch the short video above for more info and a glimpse or a pretty interesting frame design. What do you think?

April 21, 2016
send it mtb serie - The Rise MTB Videos

Archives Pick: SEND IT Serie

Our SEND IT mtb serie is exactly what you need to get stoked for the upcoming riding season. With Matt Macduff Bossing around Bailey Peckford and Fran Vigs like a badass dad would, the boys had one of the best times riding bikes and simply enjoying the little things life has to offer. Grab yourself a drink, hit play and when it`s over, go buy yourself a few extra shovels for the summer!

April 05, 2016
Matt Macduff Attempts his 40 Ft. Loop

Matt Macduff Attempts his 40 Ft. Loop

After successfully raising the neccessary funds throught a fundraiser, Matt Macduff`s giant Loop started coming to life in South Africa. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, Marshall and the crew pushed the boundaries of physics and managed to build a 40 foot tall wooden loop. With this gigantic structure standing in place, everything was ready for Matt Macduff to set a new world record for the tallest loop ever ridden on a bicycle. Unfortunately, as he dropped in and attempted to ride around the giant Loop, he deviated from his trajectory at the loop`s highest point. The deviation sent him and his bicycle out of the loop while being completely upside down, which led to a 40 ft fall directly to compacted dirt. It was reported that Matt Macduff broke his right ankle and right wrist, but did not suffer from any injuries to his head, neck or spine, and he did not lose consciousness after the crash. Matt already had a few surgeries, but he is awaiting to see a specialist as he will need complete wrist reconstruction. Despite the gravity of his situation, Matt feels lucky and he`s aware that a crash of this amplitude could have had tragic consequences. In a true Macduff fashion, Matt stays very positive about the accident and keeps smiling from his hospital bed. Please take a minute to send him some healing vibes and show your support! We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information. Matt Macduff 40 foot loop crash 1 Matt, from the whole The Rise family, we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming surgeries and your recovery! You got this!
March 20, 2016
Video: 2016 Night Harvest

Video: 2016 Night Harvest

the Ontarian homie Nick Clarke joined Matt Macduff in South Africa for the Night Harvest dirt jump contest and took the win! Super stoked for Nick, the dude is seriously so dialed it's ridiculous! Wait no longer and watch all the madness!

February 19, 2016
Keep It Real - Full Movie

Keep It Real - Full Movie


Matt Macduff and JP Maffret joined forces to create a video part for the Keep It Real movie released in 2015, and it's super dope! The whole movie was shot entirely on 16mm and has a beautiful old school feel to it which makes it a Must-See!

"The goal for Keep it Real was to create a movie filmed primarily on super 16mm film. Paired with music to compliment the segments, it will remind people that riding bikes is the realest experience you can have. Riders: Stephane Pelletier, Jarrett Moore, Corbin Selfe, Noah Brousseau, Liam Wallace, Matt Macduff, JP Maffret, Reilly Horan.

Filmed and created by Andrew Young."

February 15, 2016
Matt Macduff Bowl Session

Matt Macduff Bowl Session

Follow Matt Macduff through a quick casual session a a concrete bowl. Don't let the word "casual" fool you; the level of his riding is incredible!

February 09, 2016