Florida with Hauck and Lenosky

Nick Brandreth headed south to film Hauck and Lenosky ride bikes in Florida during winter time. Watch the video above and Click Here for a bunch of nice photos.
February 02, 2012

Photo: Jeff Lenosky

Heres a nice photo of Jeff Lenosky throwing the bars for the new edition of Decline. Always stoked to see new stuff from Jeff!Previously on The Rise: Vision of a...
August 31, 2011

Stickied: Vision of a pioneer with Jeff Lenosky

Jeff Lenosky definitly left an important impact in the sport. He has been around for so long that it was time to get to know him a little better and...
August 01, 2011


JRA: Jeff Lenosky - More Mountain Bike VideosHeres a bit of history with the man, Jeff Lenosky. Real legend right there.
March 23, 2011