Kent Woods Lama X Rise edit

Just days after his bikecheck, Kent Woods is back with an edit for Lamacycles & The Rise. The video is mainly him riding his local park with some clips of...
May 10, 2012

Bikecheck: Kent Woods

Ever since I know Kent, his bike never dissapoints. Everytime you try it for a couple minutes, your own bike feels like complete shit as soon as you get back...
May 06, 2012

the LAB vol. 1: Kent Woods & Tyler Dogan

Seems like Kent found himself a place to ride bikes during winter! Not the craziest setup but this is more than welcome when the only other option you have is...
December 13, 2011

Lazy tuesday with Kent Woods

Looks like Kent rode some bikes on tuesday and this is the result. And this is probably the only time Kent ever drove his truck below speed limit.
June 21, 2011

TR exclusive: the Kent Woods interview

Ive known Kent for a couple years now and the way he rides has always impressed me. Was about time for an interview if you ask me. Hit the read...
November 03, 2010

Industry sk8park video

Exclusive - 2010 Industry Mix. from Jeke Vanderweyden on Vimeo.Heres Jake's latest video, which is a bunch of riders riding industry skatepark in st. thomas, ontario, and it features Andrew...
February 12, 2010

Kent Woods

Few clips from ontarian Kent Woods mixed together. Soo smooth!!
December 04, 2009

Dobermann Web-edit

WebEdit 17th of october from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.This was filmed a few weeks ago when Matt, Kent and myself went down to Montreal to film for Vincent's new movie.
November 03, 2009