Video: Sam Pilgrim visits Walter & Tom in Barcelona

Video: Sam Pilgrim visits Walter & Tom in Barcelona

The homie Sam Pilgrim recently spend some time in Spain and linked up with Walter Mayerhofer & Tom Kilcoyne for a session in the beautiful Barcelona streets for a session. Super nice to see Sam still got the juice in the streets!
June 07, 2022

Sam Pilgrim California trip

Sam recently took a trip to California to ride Woodward west and put this video together. Sam being a so well rounded rider makes this edit a must watch. The...
March 22, 2012

Californication part 2

Second part of Sam Pilgrim's trip to the usa with a couple of his friends. They ride dirts and park in this one and the weather just looks so good.Watch...
March 14, 2012

JRA: Sam Pilgrim

JRA: Sam Pilgrim - More Mountain Bike VideosSam rides a concrete park with a mic in his mouth and answers questions while doing tricks. Really entertaining!
February 25, 2012

Sam Pilgrim - 2 minutes with

Sam keeps coming with good videos all the time and this is no exception. Solid riding from the UK's shredder once again.
January 25, 2012

Hammer Hammer Hammer

Looks like sam has been taking some editing classes. Expect some really nice video effects and some nice tricks from Sam and friends.
January 10, 2012

Sam Pilgrim 2011 mash up

Video of Sam Pilgrim riding during the 2011 year at various contests and locations around the world. Sam had an awesome year, can't wait to see what he has for...
December 22, 2011


A pretty fun video of Sam riding parks and streets with a little kicker setup to jump on and off his van. Some really good and creative stuff in there,...
November 09, 2011

How to tuck no hander with Sam Pilgrim

Ever wonder how the pros manage to take there hands off the bars? In this quick video Sam gives you some useful pointers on how to do them.
September 30, 2011

Two minute takeover

Quick video of Sam Pilgrim, Sam Reynolds and Grant Fielder riding a skatepark. Lookback was dope!
August 29, 2011

Jake Armstrong

Sweet edit of Jake riding street and a skatepark. Filmed and edited by Sam Pilgrim.
June 11, 2011

Sam Pilgrim

Sam's newest edit. Full of good stuff as to be expected.
May 11, 2011