Simon Leclerc Partymaster MTB Dirt Jumper

Bikecheck: Simon Leclerc's Partymaster

If you're not too familiar with Simon Leclerc, you might wanna check out some of our Older Videos to refresh your mind. Simon is the homie since day one, but...
August 31, 2016

Photo: Simon Leclerc

Some homies went up north a bit last weekend to ride some bikes and attend some redneck parties and heres a nice photo shot by Julien Sylvestre of Simon Leclerc...
May 03, 2011

Sim&Sam sag edit

Heres a little video of Simon Leclerc and Samuel Croteau on a weekend trip to Saguenay last fall. Damn this winter is getting annoying!
January 31, 2011

Blazin and Sim69 leftovers

Check to check-check to check it out!
March 09, 2010

Simon Leclerc

Simon talks about his bike in french with english subtitles, rides some ramps, and gets a surprise while rollbacking.
February 12, 2010

Simon 69 Leclerc self edit

There you go for premium quality video filmed with a "not even 1 foot tall" tripod!
February 10, 2010

Simon 69 Leclerc

Simon Leclerc from woach on Vimeo.Louis Lhomel just uploaded a video he made of Simon. Sick stuff in there as usual!
January 05, 2010

Samuel Croteau and Simon Leclerc session

Southparc - croteau/leclerc from on Vimeo.Amazing video with good and funny stuff at the same time, you know you wanna watch it! Thanks to Antoine (AGG) for such a...
November 30, 2009

Simon Leclerc

Fred Germain just uploaded this video of Simon Leclerc. Some really good stuff in there!It's about time from Fred on Vimeo.
November 15, 2009