Walter Mayerhofer's Dobermann Bikes welcome edit

Walter Mayerhofer is now riding for Dobermann bikes and here is his first video on the new bike. Came out pretty sick and just in time for Christmas. You can Click Here to see what Dobermann has to say about this, mixed with pictures of his bike and some riding too. Also make sure you Add Dobermann on Pinkbike to see what they're up to.
December 25, 2011

Stella Project 3 video

Stella Project 3 on pinkbike.comVincent Allard teamed up with all around funny men Vincent Jauvin to film this sweet video of Jauvin riding down some hills on his Dobermann Stella, and the result turned out pretty sick!
September 28, 2011

Dobermann Bikes are moving

Not only do they move but the company has changed quite a bit, all in good terms which is awesome because all of those guys are awesome people. Fred Mignault took the shop from Aylmer and will now be running the company in Chateauguay, which is on the south shore of Montreal. Alain did an awesome job during the past years, so many good memories with those guys! Much love sent your ways buddies and we wish you all the best of luck in the future! Click here to read the press release.
August 12, 2011

Stella project 2

Stella Project 2 - More Mountain Bike Videos
Video of my two favorite Vincents riding downhill on their dobermann stellas
August 16, 2010

Dobermann at sea otter

HTML tutorial

Kind of forgot to post this a few days back but its worth checking it out! The Stella and the Pink look amazing, hit the picture to see.

May 06, 2010


Rarely happens to me but I decided to go for a bikecheck today. click the read more link for few more pics and specs.

Here it is. Havent changed most parts for a while now, perfect build for me.

Frame: Dobermann molosse 22.5"
fork: Dobermann Tchokr fork
cranks: profile racing 175mm
sprocket: profile imperial titanium 28T
chain: KMC 10 dollar chain
pedals: Odyssey plastics
seat: primo balance
bars: gusset open prison
stem: animal jump off
grips: fly ruben long
barends: fly ruben plastics
post: thompson
rims: rinho lites XL
front hub: Wethepeople something
rear hub: macneil something
tires: schwalbe returners
headset: big strong cane creek

mods: cutted down both axles, sliced stem's front part, painted wheels a bunch of times so nice colors appear when scratched.

January 25, 2010

Dobermann Molosse with Xavier Cloutier

January 18, 2010

Dobermann bikes in the UK!

Dobermann Bikes have a new european distributor for their great hand-made products! If you live around the UK and are looking to get your hands on some of their stuff, visit Balfa bikes, wich I believe is an older brand from Quebec that was been sold to become a distributor.(?)

November 12, 2009

Moustache edit

Jeremy Menduni Fall Edit from Jeremy Menduni on Vimeo.

Few clips from the fall.

November 09, 2009

Pinkbike is out of control

This video, wich has been posted here like yesterday afternoon, made its way to Pinkbike's Video Of the Day (VOD). The fact is that, this video has NOT been made to reach the VOD level, nor to get over 16 000 pinkbike views in like a day! So, as it lasts only 39 seconds, a lot of hate happend (wich is great to read and laugh) in the pinkbike comments. The majority of the hate seems to go towards the Pinkbike staff, for posting such a non vod worthy video as a vod! (I personally do think this is not VOD worthy, its just not long enough). So, while I went down these 140 comments, I met some really good ones that are worth posting here. So click the Read More link to see them.

great riding. great edit. 39 secs long? i fell like ive been ripped off?!

you and all these other bitches should take it up with the pinkbike mods, not the poster of this video. he did not choose it to be VOD, so all u guys need stop being such pussies who cry if the vid doesnt fit into your standard. 3 minutes of beautiful trails, hidef filming, and/or flip whips is nice but dont be such an a*shole if its not you f*cking f*cktards

glad i did not have to pay for this

Haha I would love to see one person who has commented saying this is a bad choice in vod do a hop barspin.
You all suck so much dick, just because its not massive flip crackhead shit you don't like it.
Good choice in VOD in my opinion.

MOO MOOOO , " I hate this video, it sucks " MOO MOO MOO
GOOD RIDING ( i would bet better than most commenting on this video, INCLUDING MYSELF )

it feels like PB raped me...

haha, you kids take this V.O.D thing so seriously. I bet if my boy vince put 2 more minutes of people just doing backflips every kid here would be stokedddd!

The facts are as follows...
1)This is VOD weather we like it or not!
2)So short It could almost be POD!
3)Not all cool videos have to be 30 minutes long to be good!
4)The riders in this short clip are killing shit,and I am pissed it is over so quick!
5)The controversy over this subject is hilarious!
6)What really matters is we should be inspired by these daily videos no matter how long or short and if it pisses you off then maybe you should sell your bike and go knit something!
7)Watch it lasts longer!


November 05, 2009

Dobermann Web-edit

WebEdit 17th of october from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.
This was filmed a few weeks ago when Matt, Kent and myself went down to Montreal to film for Vincent's new movie.

November 03, 2009

2010 Dobermann Pinscher

Dobermann Frame Check - Matthew Macduff from Justin Browne on Vimeo.Matt showing off the new pinscher with the help of his horse. Smith to bars was dope.
October 28, 2009