Photo: Michel Plonka

Richard Desaulniers Jr shot this nice picture of Michel riding a wall at Taz, came out pretty sick!
April 26, 2012

Jordane Dubois winter riding

Snow shouldn't stop a badboy from riding his bikes. Ambition right here! Photo by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
April 05, 2012

Trip Report: A weekend in New Market

A couple weeks ago, Rich drove down to the New Market area in Ontario to chill and shoot with the boys. He came back with good memories, great photos and...
November 08, 2011

Photos: Jean B session

Another of those late night sessions where a photoG was around, this time all the flicks are brought to you by Richard Desaulniers Jr, and shot at the Longueuil skatepark....
October 13, 2011

Photos: Matt Macduff in MTL

Matt comes to visit us in Montreal whenever he has a couple free days and always shreds. About 2 weeks ago he went on a ride with Richard Desaulniers Jr....
September 29, 2011

Photos: MTL late night ride

Rich just posted a bunch of picture of a fun session that went down a couple weeks ago in MTL, hit the read more link to check them out!First shot...
September 09, 2011

Photo: Joel Marchand

Photo of local shredder Joel Marchand turning it down at the Lassomption skatepark. He just got 4th place at the Rye Airfield Gatorade Free Flow tour, kid is sick! Photo...
June 30, 2011

Jean B session

Rich just uploaded some pics of a session that went down at the Longueuil Skatepark, hit the read more link to check them out.Julien Sylvestre - LookbackKid Savlem - Downside...
June 04, 2011

Vincent Allard photo

Vincent about to hop over a rail. Click the read more link for pics in action and a great moustache. Photo credit goes to Richard again.
November 10, 2009


Rich the Photo G has updated his flickr again. Hes shooting like crazy these days, so check out his flickr page by clicking the icon on the right. Good shots,...
October 23, 2009