Rich just posted a bunch of picture of a fun session that went down a couple weeks ago in MTL, hit the read more link to check them out!

First shot is Jordane Dubois hopping over some street obstacles, not too sure where he's coming from on that one but the photo came out great.

Here's Joel Marchand spinning the bars at a decent height down a set of stairs.

Jordy coming thru with a 360 on the same set.

Jordy again, tuckin like a man.

Stéphane Bélanger developping a little friendship with the wall.

Justin Hughes hitting the wall too.

Justin throwing the bars over a gap.

Michel Plonka 180 barspin off the ledge.

And Joel Marchand clickin it like it was his job! Always fun to have little sessions like that, its actually never serious at all but picture turn out pretty sick! All photos shot by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
September 09, 2011

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