The Rise Partymaster V2
Introducing the brand new upgraded The Rise Partymaster V2; the ultimate Freestyle MTB frame on the market. One frame that can do it all; from riding curbs in front of your house to flipping over 50 ft. jumps. The frame did change, but our philosophy didn't. To us, biking was never about the skills and the contest results; it was about all the life experiences that come with it. The goal is simple: get people stoked on riding bikes!


The Rise Partymaster V.2 is the most versatile frame I have ever ridden. It is easy to manual, perfect for street riding and yet thrives on quarter pipes, bowls and somehow feels stable when going big and fast.

- John Seip, Massachusetts


When designing the Partymaster V2 frame, we reached out to our team to see what kind of improvements should be made, if any at all. Everyone quickly agreed that the geometry should not be changed one bit, and the only thing we should focus on is making it even stronger. For the Partymaster V2, we upgraded the Top Tube to a double butted tube that tapers to 36mm at the headtube junction, while the Down Tube got upgraded to a 36mm double butted tube. This increase in diameter provides larger welding areas, which combined with the Down Tube gusset and the newly added Top Tube gusset, increases the overall strength and stiffness of the front end.

One of the main changes from the previous Partymaster is that we had to change to a new frame manufacturer. The reason behind that change is that we had too much demand and our previous manufacturer couldn't keep up. Finding a new manufacturer that could handle our demand was a stressful process because we did not know where to start, and there was no way we would compromise on quality.

That is when we met BMX mogul Ronnie Bonner who guided us to a manufacturer producing very high end bikes based in Taiwan and after a year of prototype testing, we are very excited to finally present the new Partymaster V2.
The Rise Partymaster V2
The Rise Partymaster V2


The Partymaster V2 is made of High-Quality chromoly tubing. The machined 44mm Headtube offers the option to use either straight or tapered steertube forks. Thanks to the size of its bearings, the Mid Bottom Bracket is the strongest, cheapest and most reliable BB option on the market. The Partymaster V2 is offered in 2 options; 135X10mm Rear Hub Spacing (MTB) with IS Disc Mounts and 110X14mm Rear Hub Spacing (BMX) Brakeless only.

A long 22.7" Top Tube makes the bike extremely stable at high speed, while short 14.8" Chainstays keep the bike responsive for the most technical riding. To make it simple; The Partymaster V2 is one of the strongest, most versatile Freestyle MTB frames available.


I love what a beast of a frame The Rise has created with the Partymaster V2. Not only does it look great, but it is hands down the best feeling bike I’ve owned. I couldn’t be happier. This build is literally a dream come true.

Frame is awesome. Thank you guys.

- Maurice Meyer, Germany.


- Top and Down Tube Gussets
- Headtube Length: 105mm
- Headtube Type: ZS 44mm
- Seat Tube Diameter: 27.2mm
- Integrated Seat Clamp
- BB type: 73mm Mid BB
- Rear Wheel Spacing: 135 X 10mm (MTB) or 110 X 14mm (BMX)
- 6mm Thick Dropouts
- IS Disc Mounts ( MTB Spacing only)
- Removable Cable Guides
- Compatible with 1 1/8” and Tapered Steertube Forks
- Tire Clearance: 2.4" (slammed)
- Designed for 26" Wheels
- Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg

The Rise Partymaster V2
The Rise Partymaster V2 The Rise Partymaster V2
The Rise Partymaster V2 The Rise Partymaster V2



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