Michael Gray

Watch and be amazed by Mike's riding. Also really need to point out Justin's awesome work on this one too.
July 11, 2012

Eli Taylor

Filmed in about a hour at Richmond Green Skatepark by black Jesus. This guys riding always amazes me and that 360 is huge!!
May 14, 2012

Matt Macduff at Woodward West video

The Rise Exclusive: Matt Macduff - on pinkbike.comMatt and Justin were down south in Cali not too long ago and here's a video of Matt shredding the park. Sick stuff...
February 22, 2012

Mike Gray's Roadtrip edit

Seems like Black Jesus goes hard in the editing lately. Yesterday he dropped Matt's video, and today Mike's video is up too. Awesome work from Mike and Justin in there!
February 20, 2012

Matt Macduff @ Woodward West video

Matt is spending some time in the warm american states and here is a video of him riding the massive step-up jump at woodward west before he broke his wrist....
January 30, 2012

Matt Macduff - For the kids

Even with all his injuries this year, Matt still managed to film with black jesus A.K.A. Justin Browne. Here is a amazing 4 minute video of him doing what he...
November 15, 2011

Matt Macduff Kali edit

Short little edit of Matt riding his jumps. Not too sure how I feel about the full face helmet but the tricks are dialled as always. Filmed and edited by...
September 09, 2011

Muskoka Woods trip

Mike Gray, Eli Taylor, Dallas Davis and Black Jesus recently took a trip to Muskoka Woods for a weekend. Here's a video of what went down over the trip. I...
September 06, 2011

Matt Macduff 2011 bike check

Matt Macduff - 2011 Bike Check on pinkbike.comCheck out Matt's new ride. Filmed and edited by Black Jesus.
June 28, 2011

Lunch check with Matt Macduff

Ever make KD but then realize that you are out of milk? Well look no further! Mattheo has got you covered and shows you how to solve one of life's...
June 16, 2011

Matthew Macduff

I don't understand how this guy can come out with a web video almost every month and amaze me every time. This one is a bit shorter then usual but...
February 25, 2011

Matt Macduff at Joyride take 2

Some nice front brake action in there, and obviously lots of good old barspins! video by Justin Browne.
February 16, 2010