Logan Peat: Dirt Waves

Logan Peat: Dirt Waves

We've known Logan for over 10 years now and what he's accomplished during this period of time is awesome. Funny how this and Brandon's video dropped on the same day.....
June 15, 2017

Life behind bars: episode 3

Watch as Brandon and Logan shred Woodward west, go fish and shoot some guns in this episode of life behind bars.
June 07, 2012

TR exclusive: the Logan Peat interview

''It is better to regret something you did, than something you didn’t.''- Logan PeatWe've known Logan for quite a while now and aside from being a really talented bike rider,...
May 26, 2011

Logan Peat and Mitch Chubey woodward video

Heres a really poor quality video of Logan and Mitch riding Woodward, followed by a true american dialect.
March 13, 2011