Quick video of Andrew at his home park. It was actually Andrew's birthday not too long ago, so happy birthday Biggs!
March 16, 2011

Andrew Bigelow index ink edit

Andrew Bigelow Index Ink / Inked Video. from Jake Vanderweyden on Vimeo.Watch Andrew do some bangers for Index ink all under 1 minute.
February 24, 2011

Andrew Bigelow bike check

Check out Andrew's ride for 2011 mixed in with some dope riding filmed during his recent trip to Woodward Pennsylvania.
February 16, 2011

Andrew Bigelow index ink edit

INDEX INK: Andrew Bigelow web Edit from T shazma on Vimeo.Andrew is now riding for index. This web edit is amazing, best thing on a mtb I have seen in...
December 12, 2010

Andrew Bigelow

Ill stay with the "pictures from ontario" theme, this has to be seen. Bigelow going streeeeeet!
September 27, 2010

Andrew Bigelow at Woodward

Andrew Bigelow Woodward PA Session. from Jeke Vanderweyden on Vimeo.Some sick tricks from Andrew.
June 20, 2010

Industry sk8park video

Exclusive - 2010 Industry Mix. from Jeke Vanderweyden on Vimeo.Heres Jake's latest video, which is a bunch of riders riding industry skatepark in st. thomas, ontario, and it features Andrew...
February 12, 2010

Biggie! Exclusive Andrew Bigelow Webvideo. from Jeke Vanderweyden on Vimeo.Notorious Andrew bigelow doing his thing!
December 12, 2009

Andrew Bigelow interview

The first time I met Andrew, 3 montreal guys and myself crashed at his place for a night. Before that, none of us ever spoke to him, only one of...
December 06, 2009