Stickied: Ray's MTB 2012 Roadtrip video

Here is the video of our trip to Ray's MTB a couple weeks ago. You can also check out the Trip Report for pictures and a little read about the...
February 06, 2012

Ray's MTB Roadtrip report

When you live in Canada, harsh winters are something you have to deal with 5 months a year. Sure, we have a few indoor places that we can ride all...
February 03, 2012

Dukes of Hazard video contest

Another contest quite like odd couples but only for bmx bikes will be happening at Ray's MTB in Cleveland. This time its not invite only, anyone can submit a video...
March 15, 2011

Rays MTB now open in Milwaukee!

We just got back from the original facility in Cleveland, Ohio which is definitly one of the best indoor places ever to ride a bike, but this post is about...
January 10, 2011

Rays MTB announces new location!

Just stole this from the vitalmtb news, stoked to hear that!Greetings fellow riders!After an extensive search, the location for a second Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park has been secured and...
June 09, 2010

Rays odd couples

The odd couples contest is going on this week at rays mtb, heres the official flyer for it. But theres probably a lot more teams than this since Vincent Allard...
January 27, 2010

Rays roadtrip

The guys @ pinkbike posted this today, pretty stoked on that!! Hit the picture to see what im talking about!
January 25, 2010

Peter Mills at Rays mtb

Cool video of Peter Mills riding rays mtb. It gives a really good idea of how sick that place is.
January 18, 2010