Ten Pack on the Road

On this Ten Pack on the road instalment, some of the We the people and Verde team ride some street and park! Lots of dope clips including MTL's very own Jordane Dubois who even gets the banger!
August 07, 2012

Jordane Dubois - 5 Clips

Jordane doin' work as he always does. He probably should invest is a tighter beanie but still, that was pretty badass.
June 02, 2012

Jordane Dubois winter riding

Snow shouldn't stop a badboy from riding his bikes. Ambition right here! Photo by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
April 05, 2012

Jordane Dubois & Michel Plonka quick Taz edit

Jordane and Michel rode Taz afterhours and found a Gopro laying around, so here is the result of their filming session before the battery ran out.
March 04, 2012

Jordane Dubois - Welcome to Verde

Jordy is riding for Verde via 10Pack and his welcome video is finally here. So good to see him getting support since he's definitly one of the funniest dude out there and he shreds. You can also head over to the TenPack website for a Little Interview with the man himself.
February 27, 2012

514 bmx jam video

514BMX Jam 2/11/2012 from MtlBMX on Vimeo.
514 bmx at one of there monthly jams last weekend. Luckily Eric T was on sight with his camera to catch some of the riding that went down. Riders include; Jason Herman, Rob Davidson, Joel Marchand, Jordane Dubois and Dillon Lloyd.
February 14, 2012

Jordane Dubois on Ten Pack BMX

Jordy is now officially repping Verde through Ten Pack BMX! Stoked on this, Jordy is a sick guy, his welcome edit should drop sometime soon!
January 20, 2012

Photo: Jordane Dubois

No need to explain what's going on there. House parties are the best.
January 01, 2012

Photos: Jean B session

Another of those late night sessions where a photoG was around, this time all the flicks are brought to you by Richard Desaulniers Jr, and shot at the Longueuil skatepark. Featuring Pascal Lafontaine (above), Jordane Dubois, Keven Rousseau, Charles Remillard, Michel Plonka and J-O Dumas. Hit the Read More link to check out the pics.

Keven Rousseau with a euro above and tuck no hander below:

Charles Remillard, barspin above and tobogan below:

Jordane Dubois, tabletop above and tuck no hander below:

Michel Plonka, vader footjam above and railride to barspin brelow:

J-O Dumas, Footjam tailwhip:

Thanks to Richard for always being down to snap some pictures!
October 13, 2011

Photos: MTL late night ride

Rich just posted a bunch of picture of a fun session that went down a couple weeks ago in MTL, hit the read more link to check them out!

First shot is Jordane Dubois hopping over some street obstacles, not too sure where he's coming from on that one but the photo came out great.

Here's Joel Marchand spinning the bars at a decent height down a set of stairs.

Jordy coming thru with a 360 on the same set.

Jordy again, tuckin like a man.

Stéphane Bélanger developping a little friendship with the wall.

Justin Hughes hitting the wall too.

Justin throwing the bars over a gap.

Michel Plonka 180 barspin off the ledge.

And Joel Marchand clickin it like it was his job! Always fun to have little sessions like that, its actually never serious at all but picture turn out pretty sick! All photos shot by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
September 09, 2011

Jordane Dubois

Homeboy Jord-e riding his bicycle for 514bmx's sponsorship contest. I dont want to start rumours, but looks like we have a winner!
December 29, 2010

Jordane Dubois

Jordane D power hour from Vlad on Vimeo.
Doesnt count as a powerhour without an iphone timer if you ask me, and that stupid the trip wannabe handshake thing is... euuhh, no comments. Aside from that good stuff from nice people in there, keep them coming guys!
October 18, 2010