Joel Marchand MTB edit

The local BMXer grabbed a bigger bike for a session and made this video out of it. Looks retardedly easy.
April 23, 2012

Joel Marchand Winter Edit 2012

If I had to describe this kid in a couple lines, I would say that he does pretty much anything he wants with his bike, might make you laugh so hard that you might piss your pants and has some of the best nosemanuals out there. Joel is a sick kid that definitly deserves more support, keep an eye open for him at the Toronto BMX jam this weekend! Video by Nicolas Fortier.
March 02, 2012

514 bmx jam video

514BMX Jam 2/11/2012 from MtlBMX on Vimeo.
514 bmx at one of there monthly jams last weekend. Luckily Eric T was on sight with his camera to catch some of the riding that went down. Riders include; Jason Herman, Rob Davidson, Joel Marchand, Jordane Dubois and Dillon Lloyd.
February 14, 2012

Joel Marchand Taz edit

Its safe to say that le Taz is Joel's second residence, and this video proves it just right. So many good tricks in there! Nosemanuals never get old! Video by Kevin Fabregue.
October 05, 2011

Few clips with Joel Marchand

Quick edit of Joel shredding at le Taz. Joel is progressing so fast these days its crazy! The sad thing about this kind of video is that it reminds you how fast winter is arriving..
October 02, 2011

Photo: Joel Marchand

Nice photo of local shredder Joel Marchand going a nac nac transfer at taz skatepark in montreal. Photo by Mikael Cardin.
September 14, 2011

Photos: MTL late night ride

Rich just posted a bunch of picture of a fun session that went down a couple weeks ago in MTL, hit the read more link to check them out!

First shot is Jordane Dubois hopping over some street obstacles, not too sure where he's coming from on that one but the photo came out great.

Here's Joel Marchand spinning the bars at a decent height down a set of stairs.

Jordy coming thru with a 360 on the same set.

Jordy again, tuckin like a man.

Stéphane Bélanger developping a little friendship with the wall.

Justin Hughes hitting the wall too.

Justin throwing the bars over a gap.

Michel Plonka 180 barspin off the ledge.

And Joel Marchand clickin it like it was his job! Always fun to have little sessions like that, its actually never serious at all but picture turn out pretty sick! All photos shot by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
September 09, 2011

Photo: Joel Marchand

Photo of local shredder Joel Marchand turning it down at the Lassomption skatepark. He just got 4th place at the Rye Airfield Gatorade Free Flow tour, kid is sick! Photo by Richard Desaulniers Jr.
June 30, 2011

Gatorade Free Flow tour - Rye Airfield results

The event took place last weekend and heres the top 5. Congratulations to Montreal's Joel Marchand and Joel Bondu for placing respectively 4th and 5th! Also heard Marchand was rocking one hell of a nice T-shirt at the event.

BMX Park
1. Matt Ray, Woburn, Mass.
2. Josh Lane, Portsmouth, N.H.
3. Seth Beaton, Templeton, Mass.
4. Joel Marchand, Canada
5. Joel Bondu, Canada

Seen on RIDE
June 28, 2011

Joel Marchard edit

Heres Joel throwing down some wild moves at Taz. Video by Vlad.
January 26, 2011

Joel Marchand

Joel Marchand spring 2010 from Tribubmx on Vimeo.Joel Marchand riding le Taz. Footjams !

March 10, 2010

South Parc video

Sick video from southparc and la grange. Gooood riding in there!!

January 05, 2010