Photo: Keven Rousseau @ old South Parc

This was snapped right before South Parc moved to a new location. Rider is Keven Rousseau and the picture comes from Julien Grimard.
February 20, 2012

Photos: Jean B session

Another of those late night sessions where a photoG was around, this time all the flicks are brought to you by Richard Desaulniers Jr, and shot at the Longueuil skatepark. Featuring Pascal Lafontaine (above), Jordane Dubois, Keven Rousseau, Charles Remillard, Michel Plonka and J-O Dumas. Hit the Read More link to check out the pics.

Keven Rousseau with a euro above and tuck no hander below:

Charles Remillard, barspin above and tobogan below:

Jordane Dubois, tabletop above and tuck no hander below:

Michel Plonka, vader footjam above and railride to barspin brelow:

J-O Dumas, Footjam tailwhip:

Thanks to Richard for always being down to snap some pictures!
October 13, 2011

Keven Rousseau & Kid Savlem video

Keven and Kid shredding the Longueuil skatepark, really dope video! Lot of good stuff in there!
June 20, 2011