Industry 9 - Aidan Horn in North America

Industry 9 - Aidan Horn in North America

Aidan Horn recently took a trip to Canada and the USA for his Industry Nine video and just as you'd expect, he absolutely killed it. After we examined and tried his bike, there is no doubt that Industry Nine Wheels are in a category of their own and don't compare with anything else available on the market right now. Filmed in Montreal and on the american East Coast, Aidan Horn comes through with continuous bangers while making it seem ridiculously easy.

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November 28, 2016
Aidan Horn - Welcome to The Rise !

Aidan Horn - Welcome to The Rise !

Today, we are stoked to present Aidan Horn's Welcome to The Rise video! Aidan absolutely kills it on the bike and shares the same vision of the sport as we do, so it felt natural to add him to our team. Here's a couple words from aidan:

"Words cannot describe how pumped I am to be part of The Rise, I've always dreamed of becoming one of the crew and now that day is finally here. I've always looked up to these guys for both motivation and inspiration to ride my bike the way I want. It's an honor for me to be joined with the people at the forefront of the whole Street/Park MTB scene. I'm super excited to the good times ahead with everyone, it should be crazy!"

He came throught with an INSANE Welcome video full of Bangers! Wait no longer and give it a watch! Thanks to Ryan Lilburn for the video.
November 09, 2014

Aidan Horn iPhone edit

Aidan made this short but very sweet video with clips that he had on his iPhone.
June 24, 2012

Aidan Horn 2k11 video

Aidan shreds his local park once again in this video, kid gets good fast!
January 19, 2012

Aidan Horn - A day at Whitley bay

Nice video of Aidan riding his local park with some fast music in the background. Spinning those bars like it was his job!
September 20, 2011