Today, we are stoked to present Aidan Horn's Welcome to The Rise video! Aidan absolutely kills it on the bike and shares the same vision of the sport as we do, so it felt natural to add him to our team. Here's a couple words from aidan:

"Words cannot describe how pumped I am to be part of The Rise, I've always dreamed of becoming one of the crew and now that day is finally here. I've always looked up to these guys for both motivation and inspiration to ride my bike the way I want. It's an honor for me to be joined with the people at the forefront of the whole Street/Park MTB scene. I'm super excited to the good times ahead with everyone, it should be crazy!"

He came throught with an INSANE Welcome video full of Bangers! Wait no longer and give it a watch! Thanks to Ryan Lilburn for the video.
November 09, 2014

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