Pavel Alekhin Spring edit

Vishneviy didn't waist time this year to produce a quality video! Such a sick style and big tricks, their dirt and park setup out in the woods looks so fun...
April 25, 2012

Pavel Alekhin video interview

Before you give up on watching this because you don't understand russian, please note that there's some dope riding in there, including a tailwhip to barspin in a quarterpipe which...
March 29, 2012

Pavel "Vishneviy" Alekhin 2011 edit

If you know who that guy is, you know you want to watch 5 minutes of total destruction. If you never heard of Vishneviy, watch this and his name should...
January 09, 2012

Vishneviy on a decent sized jump

Heres a photo of Pavel flipping over a decent sized jump... So dope!!
May 26, 2011

Russian BMX championship

Heres a video of the first Russian BMX championship, won by no other than crazy men Visheviy himself! Pretty dope lines, Pavel appears at the end of the video in...
May 25, 2011

Pavel Vishneviy @ Vienna air king finals

Feels like I wrote his name way too often in the past couple days but its worth it. So dialed!
April 04, 2011

Pavel Alekhin 2010 video

This is super dope. Watch it.
April 01, 2011

Quick Vishneviy clip

Vishneviy whip to fakie transfer at Beijing from on Vimeo.This is only one clip but it looks really damn good!
March 25, 2011

Few tricks with Pavel

Vishneviy absolutely destroying his local jumps in Russia.
March 15, 2011

Vishneviy on big wheels

Looks like Vishneviy just made the switch to a rigid big wheeled bicycle, safe to say he got used to it pretty quick!Click here for more pictures.
September 17, 2010

Russian contest

Russian BMX contest that Pavel went to and won. I was really jealous of that cheque he won but after a little research I realised it wasnt as much money...
June 08, 2010

Pasha Alyokhin

Мини-профайл Вишневого 09-10 from on Vimeo.Vishneviy riding a indoor park in Russia. I dont understand how he is so good.
March 24, 2010