Video: Better Late ft. Brandon Semenuk

Video: Better Late ft. Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk stries again with a video slightly different from what we're used to by the Trek athlete. His new effort titled "Better Late" appears to be more of a mash up of different riding sessions at various locations, possibly a collection of throwaway clips, opposed to most his projects (...)
June 22, 2022
Trek C3 Project Summer Video Series ft. Brandon Semenuk

Trek C3 Project Summer Video Series ft. Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Freakin’ Semenuk drops another banging video.. Starting to run out of words to describe that kid’s behavior, so let’s just say that whatever he does, he does it really...
August 01, 2017
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Brandon Semenuk Rides Faster than You and Still Pulls Bangers

The Slopestyle Godfather comes back with another masterpiece, and we’re starting to run our of words to describe his shenanigans. In case you were planning on not watching it, this...
July 17, 2017
Brandon Semenuk - Simplicity

Brandon Semenuk - Simplicity

Brandon Semenuk comes through with another dirt jumping videographic masterpiece! The dude is seriously so good, big shoutout to him for always putting out original projects, pure motivation! Waste no...
June 14, 2017
Video: Brandon Semenuk - LAPSE

Video: Brandon Semenuk - LAPSE

Brandon Semenuk is back at blowing minds with another masterpiece created by Rupert Walker. In his out of this world backyard, he pulls the hardest tricks with ease while adding...
November 03, 2016

Life behind bars episode 6

I think this episode is my favourite so far. Full of awesome lines in Brandon's backyard, a crazy roof drop, some air bag training and even a little bit of...
July 11, 2012

Life behind bars: episode 3

Watch as Brandon and Logan shred Woodward west, go fish and shoot some guns in this episode of life behind bars.
June 07, 2012

Brandon Semenuk - From Outer Space video

You know what to expect from this guy. The last trails he's riding look awesome and he sure knows how to use them properly!
April 30, 2012

Four Long Years later with Brandon Semenuk

TRUVATIV : Semenuk : FourLongYears - More Mountain Bike VideosHeres a video of how the Crankworks champion spent his day before during the competition. Nice to see videos like this...
August 11, 2011

Day in the life of Brandon Semenuk

Not a lot of riding in there but really worth watching.
May 11, 2010