Bikecheck: Jeremy Menduni's Partymaster

Bikecheck: Jeremy Menduni's Partymaster

New Year means New Bike for Jeremy Menduni! He somehow managed to get an even cleaner Partymaster than his previous one and he now runs a Prototype Rigid Fork from Altruiste! Wait no longer and see what he has to say about his new build, then check out a full bikecheck below!

"My bike last year was the cleanest build I'd had to date which meant that it would be really hard to top it this year but somehow I think I did it! One of the hardest things was finding the right colour. After switching between a few different samples, I finally decided on this colour and I'm blown away how well it turned out. I'm running a BMX spaced Partymaster combined with my new signature Altruiste Six One Three fork and I decided to run a sprocket guard to hopefully learn some new grinds and not have to worry about my drivetrain too much. My new Ruff Bike Co Can Rims with Resist Nomad tires makes my bike look even more street and thats all that matters right?! haha! All kidding aside, after a solid weekend of riding my new bike at Joyride 150, I'm beyond stoked on how dialled this thing turned out and it's gotten me so excited for the outdoor sessions and good times with the homies. Huge thanks to The Rise, Altruiste Bikes, Resist, Ruff Bike Co and all the guys at Joe Mamma Cycles in Ottawa for helping me put this thing together. Truly feeling blessed!"

Frame: The Rise Partymaster
Fork: Altruiste Six One Three
Handlebars: Ns District
Stem: United front load
Grips: ODI Longneck
Bar Ends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Cane Creek 40 series
Seat: Eclat OZ
Pedals: Octane One Nylon
Cranks: Eclat Onyx 170mm
Bottom Bracket: Eclat Mid
Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard
Chain: Salt Plus Half link
Tires: Resist Nomad
Rims: Ruff Bike Co Can Rim
Front Hub: Demolition Bulimia
Rear Hub: Demolition Rogue
Mods: Bolt protectors on the rear hub for grinds

February 22, 2017
Video: Jeremy Menduni - Straight Jibbin'

Video: Jeremy Menduni - Straight Jibbin'

The Ottawa area was gifted with a bunch of brand new skateparks and Jeremy Menduni wasted no time to stack some clips on his Partymaster. Along with a few Barcelona street clips in the mix, his new video is another proof that Jeremy is such a skilled rider, making everything look way too clean and simple! Also make sure to check out Jeremy's Bikecheck if you haven't already!
January 11, 2017
Video: The Rise HTC Session

Video: The Rise HTC Session

HTC contains something that can't really be described, but as soon as one experiences it, the human brain amorces a never-ending battle opposing your will to continue to your decreasing physical abilities. The HTC is more commonly known as a training center, but when you get down to the basics of it, it's and opportunity to fly with your homies while having the best time ever. Few weeks ago, we headed to America's Finest Biking Destination, Highland Mountain Bike Park, to ride dirt jumps, downhill and the HTC. As this was right before Crankworks, we ran into Thomas Genon and Thomas Lemoine as they were on site to perfection their stunts for their upcoming contest. Safe to say both dudes are super chill and kill it on bikes no matter what they ride! Check out the video of our session with them in the HTC, and peep the photogallery below! Huge Shoutout to Highland Mountain Bike Park for hooking us up with rental bikes and a private HTC session!

Video by Louis Lhomel
Photos by Jeremy Menduni

August 24, 2016
Jeremy Menduni - The Rise Partymaster MTB

Jeremy Menduni in England

Jeremy Menduni has been super productive lately both in front and behind the camera. He always makes everything look way too smooth and easy, and when he doesn't, he's putting in work behind the camera. Today, we're stoked to present his latest video filmed earlier this year as he was visiting Aidan Horn in the UK. His Raw Partymaster fits perfectly with UK's cloudy sky and concrete parks, super nice vibe in this one. Wait no longer and hit play, and check out some pictures below!

Curious about Jeremy's bike? Check out his Bikecheck!

August 03, 2016
Video: Jeremy Menduni Partymaster Bikecheck

Video: Jeremy Menduni Partymaster Bikecheck

After posting Jeremy Menduni's Bikecheck a few weeks ago, you can now see his new whip in action in an interesting mix of street and park. On a recent trip to Europe, Jeremy stacked some clips in Switzerland and Italy with his signature casual style. Wait no longer and hit play!
May 11, 2016
Barcelona Days 4

Barcelona Days 4

Just as the street riding season is about to kick off, the boys already filmed a dope video in Barcelona! Jeremy took his Partymaster to Barcelona and wasted no time finding unreal spots and stacking clips. The 4th installment of our Barcelona Days serie features riding from Pavel Alekhin, Antoine "AGG" Gauthier, Guille Lyon, Walter Mayerhofer and Jeremy Menduni. Safe to say everyone killed it in this one, so waste no time and hit play, and make sure to check out Jeremy Menduni's photo gallery below!

Watch the Pevious Barcelona Days Episodes Here : BCN Days 1 | BCN Days 2 | BCN Days 3

April 27, 2016