HTC contains something that can't really be described, but as soon as one experiences it, the human brain amorces a never-ending battle opposing your will to continue to your decreasing physical abilities. The HTC is more commonly known as a training center, but when you get down to the basics of it, it's and opportunity to fly with your homies while having the best time ever. Few weeks ago, we headed to America's Finest Biking Destination, Highland Mountain Bike Park, to ride dirt jumps, downhill and the HTC. As this was right before Crankworks, we ran into Thomas Genon and Thomas Lemoine as they were on site to perfection their stunts for their upcoming contest. Safe to say both dudes are super chill and kill it on bikes no matter what they ride! Check out the video of our session with them in the HTC, and peep the photogallery below! Huge Shoutout to Highland Mountain Bike Park for hooking us up with rental bikes and a private HTC session!

Video by Louis Lhomel
Photos by Jeremy Menduni

August 24, 2016

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