The first time I met Andrew, 3 montreal guys and myself crashed at his place for a night. Before that, none of us ever spoke to him, only one of us chatted with him a bit on msn. So we get there at 4 am, and Bigelow and his mother were still up making cookies for us! That being said, the bigelows are really nice people, and Andrew is a really skilled bicycle rider. Click the read more link for his interview mixed with good action pictures!

Full name: Andrew Graham Bigelow
Age: 18 years old
Current hometown: Ingersoll, Ontario
Years riding: about 4 years
Sponsors: NS bikes, Lama cycle, Kali Protectives, to wheels bike shop, Industry skatepark and Atomlab rims.

Brief bike setup: Right now im riding the NS majesty frame in white with a fox 36 float that is lowered to 90mm with the NS Terra bar 31.1 with the quark pro stem 31.8 with shimano saint brakes with NS rotary hubs laced to atomlab pimp rims. Im riding the NS ariel pro pedals with Primo hollowbite cranks and my gear ratio is 10:23

Q: For all the people that never heard about you, who is Andrew Bigelow?
A: Andrew Bigelow is just a small town kid who wants to travel and have fun and ride his bike and meet other guys that have the same passion.

Q: What motivates you to wake up every morning?
A: ha I could use a little more motivation but im still in high school so i guess you can say thats my modivation right now.

Q: How would you describe a perfect day for you?
A: First off id wanna be done school, then id wake up and have a healthy breakfast and then get together with the guys and maybe go build some trails or work on my jump and after we would most likely go ride the local skatepark or have a sesh on the jump in the yard. After the long day just sit around with my buddies and have some pops.

Q: How did you get into biking?
A: I remember back in the day when i use to fruit boot and my older buddies that would be at the skatepark heer in town always had mountain bikes and they would always hassle me about riding rollerblades and then i tried one of their bikes and i was hooked ever since.

Q: What would your life look like without biking?
A: I could see it being very boring and alot more partying going on, but maybe id be better in school but thats a whole different story.

Q: You recently made the switch from Black market bikes to NS bikes. How do you feel about that so far?
A: NS bikes is really treating me well and their frames and components feel amazing and id like to thanks lama cycle for that and alot of things to come in the future thanks to these guys.

Q: How is it for riding where you live right now? Where do you ride the most?
A: Where i ride there was always a skatepark heer in my hometown but it was always pretty shitty, just last year though we got a new park which is pretty impressive compared to other outdoor parks in the area and other then that i would prolly ride Industry skatepark. Although I wish we had more dirt jumps around heer but it seems to always have a reason to get plowed.

Q: You've been progressing really fast lately. How often do you ride? What is the last trick you learned?
A: ha progressing eh? i donno i try to ride everyday and try to get repetitive with all my tricks so when it comes time to compete or ride hard it wont be such a struggle to do some of my bigger tricks. My latest tricks would have to be either truck drivers or double whips.

Q: How is it to be a “big guy” like you are? Do you break a lot of bikeparts?
A: ha i get hassled for this by the guys all the time. I dont break alot of parts, just certain parts i tend to break. I think being bigger is a little bit of an advantage with throwing the bike around for different tricks but im not a doctor so i couldnt tell you lol.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: In the neer future i hope to compete alot more and become more involved in the bike scene and i would love to ride more slopestyle coarses and eventually start racing and to just keep riding as long as i can. When im done school im also wanting to move out west to get more riding time on dirt and slopestyle and big mountain, we have none of that around heer so its a big buzz kill.

Q: Anything you would like to add?
A: Just like to thanks my Family for helping me out with everything, The guys at Lama cycles, Kali protective, NS bikes and Brandon at industry skatepark and all of the staff at to wheels bike shop for helping me and keeping my bike rolling smooth and specially all the guys i ride with for always giving good laughs and good times with a possitive vibe.

Heres a video of Bigs shredding a couple months ago

December 06, 2009

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