Walter Mayerhofer


Salzburg, Austria


The Rise, Pride Street, Mom & Dad

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Straight out of Salzburg, Austria, Walter is a one-of-a-kind globe trotter with a sense of humour that can't be described. We first met Walter years ago when he reached out to Vincent allard (RIP) through Vimeo asking for a place to stay in Canada. Since then, Walter traveled to countless countries, including a bike-packing trip from Austria to Turkey, and now lives in Barcelona, Spain where he rides the streets on a daily basis while cracking funny-ass jokes about his muscles.

“WALTER! the life of the party on and off the bike. I crack up just hearing his name because he’s made me laugh so much. Truly one of my favorite people, he’s always in the moment and ready to kill it anytime-anywhere.<3”

- Cody Gessel