This week, the streets of beautiful Barcelona are blessed with their first The Rise Partymaster V2, built by our own Walter Mayerhofer. Walter spends most his time cruising around the city looking for new street setups to shred and often finds some of the most incredible looking spots there is. All decked out with Pride Street parts and an interesting new freecoaster hub, we can't wait to see him put his new bike to use. Keep on reading for photos and a full specs list below.



Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2 - MTB Spacing
Fork: Rockshox Pike DJ
Headset: Brand X 44mm Tapered
Stem: Pride Street Friction Stem
Bars: Pride Street Profit Bar 106
Grips: Cult Sean Ricany
Seat: PS Comon Seat
Cranks: PS Stamina
Sprocket: PS Clip Guard
Pedals: Federal
Chain: BSD
Front hub: PS Mono
Rear Hub: Freenight MTB planetary coaster
Rims: PS Gaijin
Front Tire: Maxxis DTH
Rear Tire: Stolen Atlas

December 01, 2021

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