Tom Kilcoyne


Sheffield, England


The Rise, Pride Street, 3Dumb, Waller BMX

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UK's manual boss probably spends more time in the streets than anyone else. Wether he's looking for new spots to ride or shooting all sorts of photos, Tom Kilcoyne is always focused on producing quality material and making his riding look as good as possible. He can film a clip on the simpliest spot there is and always manage to make it look awesome.

"Prior to the 2019 Partymaster Tour, I had seen Tom's videos online for like 10 years but had never met the guy. Then Tommy Kill came on Tour with us and right away it felt like we've been friends for 10 years already. To this day, I am still not sure what I like more between riding with him or talking shit with him. All joke aside, dude is super chill and his riding is so unique, he's got a way of linking up some of the simpliest tricks together with all sorts of manual variations that nobody else would think of and it's very impressive to see in person."

- Michel Plonka