This week, we have a Partymaster V2 built explicitly for the most technical riding there is to be found in the streets. UK's Tom Kilcoyne recently made the move to Barcelona where there is no limit to his creativity, and his new bike is most definitely ready for it. I mean just by looking at these photos, it already smells like fakie manuals doesn't it? Keep on reading for more photos, a full specs list and some words from Tommy Kill himself.



I’m out with an ankle injury at the moment, slowly getting back in it but man this bike is pushing me to keep on it with the physio. Best looking bike I’ve had and it’s riding beautifully when I’ve been cruising around Barcelona. Big thanks to The Rise, Pridestreet and WallerBMX for keeping me rolling, 3dumb for keeping me fresh and Hippie Turtle Herbal for helping my recovery ❤️

- Tom Kilcoyne


Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2 - MTB Spacing
Fork: Altruiste 613
Stem: Pride Street Friction
Bars: Pride Street Profit 89mm
Seat: Pride Street Common Pivotal
Cranks: Merrit BMX 165mm
Sprocket: Season Druid 23T
Pedals: Federal
Chain: Cult BMX
Front hub: Pride Street Impulse
Rear Hub: Ns bikes 10t
Rims: Pride Street Gaijin
Tires: Atlas 2.3

December 22, 2021

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