I sometimes question myself why am I spending a whole Saturday in a dirty ditch?
Word by Walter Mayerhofer

So I was finally able to finish up my video, as always a few of the things I wanted to get didn’t work out as planned but thats part of the Game. All in all I am happy how it turned out and If you would get all the clips you dreamed of, there would be nothing left for the next one. Some of the clips are already 3 years old, so a lot of time went into this one, I remember the long pedal 180 at the end was actually one if the first clips I filmed.

I have to thank Tom for making this video even possible he really crushed it bedind the camera and at this point, he's not only my filmer but also my motivational coach and therapist. There have been a few times where I was over it and upset that we had to pack up and go home with no clips as some things needed a few trips out to the same spot.

Its always tough when you have to leave a spot defeated and in pain but the feeling you get when you come back to the spot and actually get what you had in mind is priceless and worth all the trouble you went trough.

I am 34 years old now and I sometimes question myself why am I spending a whole Saturday in a dirty ditch trying to get a clip but then If I really think about it there isn’t a place where I’d rather be. I love being outside and discover new places with my friends and one driver to still keep pushing is to record those adventures on video. Those videos might not look like much for most people but for me they are almost like a diary to look back on and remember all the stuff we went trough.

I want to thank all my friends that helped and came out to some of the battles, it would have not been possible without you <3

Photos by Tom Kilcoyne & Jeremy Menduni

March 12, 2024

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