A Morocco trip has been on the cards for a while now, warm weather and relatively untapped spots means that it's always been on our list for a winter getaway. This year we wanted to make that happen, it ended up being a bit last minute. Booking the flights on Wednesday and flying out on Saturday to Marrakech from Barcelona, a 15 euro flight was hard to argue with.

Our good friends Louis and Harriet had been there for a couple of months and they kindly let us crash on their couches for our trip. We had a few contacts there already from the BMX scene and even an MTB street rider, Anas. Friends of friends and some quick instagram messages and we were set up with a locals price taxi to get us out of the busy Marrakech and out to the dreamy surf towns of Taghazout and Tamraght. In typical Moroccan style our bike bags were hauled onto the roof by our friendly taxi driver and roped down and we were on our way, 3 hours 30 through the Atlas mountains and we arrived in Tamraght.

We didn't really plan to make a video from the trip, just more of a holiday, experience the culture, surf and maybe get a few sessions in, somehow we ended up with a decent amount of footage and the resulting video. Huge thanks to locals Anas and Jamal for showing us the Moroccan culture and spots and Louis and Harriet for the surf sessions and good times!

Photos by Tom Kilcoyne & Louis White

February 14, 2024

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