After showing you the final product of our Brose Farm `Till Sundown video last week, here's a little behind-the-scenes video showing you how an average day of riding bikes with the crew actually looks like.

The video starts as the guys arrive at the farm to give the jumps some love and ends right before going for a swim in the lake as the night arrives. The jumps were in pretty rough shape this year as Covid-19 canceled all the plans for 2020 and the jumps were barely ridden yet.

The plan was to stick around Sunday as well but some heavy rain made it impossible to ride. What a beautiful place regardless!

Most of the good times and memories that we accumulate thanks to biking are not actually on the bike, but the new experiences at new places with the right people around. You can take this video as a reminder that there is no point in riding bikes if you're not having fun with it, and our crew seems to think the same way. Sit back and dive into our immature, yet fascinating, world for a few minutes. 


October 21, 2020

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