Most of the time found behind the camera, Louis Lhomel sometimes switches the roles around and jumps in front of it in the most natural ways there is.

Blame it on Covid, everyone was stuck home most of the year so far, but luckily Louis had just moved to a new spot in Montreal with a freshly built skatepark about 5 minutes away. While shredding the new park regularly, Louis linked up with Montreal BMX rider and cinematographer Lukas Adam Chassé and they decided to work on this part together. Lukas is a BMX mogul in Montreal, mostly known for his implication with the Mannish BMX crew; from producing a full length video with them among many other video projects.

The two of them seem to have a natural bond when it comes to capturing the essence of riding in it's purest form and the result speaks for itself. We're not saying this video will save the world, but watching Louis Lhomel rip around bowls will definitely make your day better!

November 04, 2020

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