Back when we invited him on our 2018 Partymaster Tour, spanish rider Guille Lyon was already talking about a long video he was working on for a while already. Since then, time passed and there was a period where we didn't see or hear much from Guille, leaving us wondering if that said video would ever be released. Fast forward to today, and here it is: a 5-minute Street MTB video showing the best riding we've ever seen from Guille. With technical grind combos to insane stair gaps, Guille came back with a masterpiece and it was well worth the wait! Tag along with Guille as he explains the process behind the video below:

"This video has been in the making for the past 4 years. Countless hours in the streets, looking for spots, trying, falling and coming back. A lot of things have happened, from injuries and surgeries, to full time jobs and studies that didn't allow me to ride. Crazy and tough times. But a lot of work and dedication were put in. Many nights I dreamed about possible clips. There were moments where I thought I would never finish it, and even came to believe that riding bikes was over for me. A lot of ups and downs. Somehow, I finally felt strong enough and managed to get all the material I wanted for the edit."

So there it is, 4 years of my life in a 5 minutes video. Thanks to all the people that never lost faith on me and kept me pushing forward. I would specially like to thank Walter, for the countless hours holding the camera and motivating me, you are awesome! Thanks to all the guys on The Rise for keeping me stoked on this journey and never doubting me. Thanks to Matt Macduff for making me feel like I could do anything and for being the living legend he is. His example helped me push forward through some bad times. Thanks to JJ, Michel and Loui for the support and for all the help I've received. Thanks to all my friends: Caraca, Miki, Carles, Cots, Eric, Mora, Kitus, Ritort, Mosca, Andy, Gaspar, Dima, Julio, Pepe, TomK, Berni, Jonas and to everyone who pushed, helped, and supported me. Thanks to Mary Jane, just you know why. Hope you enjoy this video and get stoked for more. This is just the beginning." - Guille Lyon

January 08, 2021

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