Only a couple days after The Partymaster Tour, the boys we’re already on another biking adventure. Woodward PA invited us over for a The Rise Week during the summer camps, it didn’t take much to convince us. Having only seen Woodward in the off season, we were stoked to check it out with all the campers campers on site!

Riding bikes with everyone got us super pumped to stack some clips. Unfortunately, Jeremy sprained is heal on the first day which put him out for the rest of the week. Thankfully he was still able to get some laps on the go karts and focused more of his energy behind the lens. As for Aidan and Walter? You could catch them shredding their MTB at every skatepark Woodward has to offer!

All and all it was a great week! Riding bikes with everyone was a blast and it was great to experience all the great vibes at Camp! We want to give a special thanks to Woodward Camp for having us!

September 12, 2018

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