The 2018 Partymaster Tour is over, and it was one crazy adventure. If you’re not familiar with the Partymaster Tour, it consists of the whole The Rise Freestyle MTB Team touring around Quebec and Ontario with their bikes, camping gear and enough sound equipment to set up a professional Rock Show at any given location. Coming in strong from last year’s success, the second edition of the Tour hosted many memorable moments. In Toronto, a ride was organised in collaboration with ZM Cycles and around 40 riders showed up to rip through the streets, proving that the street scene is more alive than it’s ever been.

While being around the GTA, it’s only logical to pay a visit to the legendary Joyride 150 Bikepark, which is exactly what they did. After catching up and hanging out with the locals around a BBQ, everyone slowly merged towards the Park for one hell of a jam. The amount of energy present during that session can hardly be put into words, and it sure motivated everyone to send it twice as hard!

As the biggest stop of the Tour was only a few days away, the crew retrieved into the wilderness to take it easy for a day. But realisticly, what do you think happens when you throw a group of adrenaline junkies in a cottage facing a lake!? Exactly.

Ride The Fuzz at The Brose Farm was the biggest stop of the Partymaster Tour. With an impressive line up of 7 rock bands, dirt jumps, camping and a lake right across the road, everything was set for one of the best days of summer! Unfortunately, the riding got cut short due to the rain. It first rained once and the crew was able to get the jump line going again within an hour, but just as riders were getting warmed up again, it started pouring again twice as hard, making the jump line useless for the rest of the day. Rain sure did shut down the session, but it couldn’t shut down the music! Despite mother nature playing against them, The Rise successfully put together an incredible day of party and Rock’n’Roll!

Talking about unique locations, a 10 minute drive from Sherbrooke city brings you to an old barn turned indoor bike park! The Stoke Barn was an obvious pick for The Rise, and it turned out absolutely epic. A lot of locals came by to witness a solid riding session mixed with live music and everyone loved it. Keep in mind this is only a small portion of what went down during the Tour. The Rise is currently producing a video serie documenting the Partymaster Tour in it’s integrality, and it’s very promising!

The Rise is honored to count on the support of Industry 9 wheels, Trou du Diable microbrewery, Jagermeister and Lama Cycles to help make this project a reality. The crew spent months preparing multiple events disperced along their 14-day itinerary and the response has been beautiful. By hosting a serie of unique events merging live rock music with freestyle MTB, The Rise is leading the scene in their very own direction and does it with remarkable ability.

Stay tuned for a video serie about the Partymaster Tour !

September 05, 2018

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