To be honest, we had no idea what we were getting into when we decided to hit the road with our team and Stoner Rock band Blue Cheese. All we knew was we had to do it, and we did it! We bought a bus, pimped the fuck out of it, made a schedule and hit the road. The Partymaster Tour is now over and everyone involved seem to agree; it is the best roadtrip they’ve ever attended! The hardest part of a good adventure is facing the fact that it has come to an end, and with this one, all of us really wish it never ended. Riding bikes, playing shows, laughing, partying, keeping it super freestyle while respecting a precise schedule, words can’t explain how awesome this trip was. We gathered so much footage along the way, and while keeping it humble, it ain’t no average shit, so keep your eyes open for some dope stuff!

We’re really thankful for everything that happened, and we want to take a minute to thank everyone involved. This being said, Huge shoutout to Stéphane Bélanger for the organisation, Jeunhomme Chiki for driving our bus like a king, Vincent Picard making sure the shows sound perfect, Hector Saura for snapping beautiful pictures, Daddy Plonka for fixing the bus, the Lhomel Family for pimping the interior, and of course all The Rise riders and Blue Cheese members!

We were also fortunate enough to receive support from some amazing brands and people, all the love we received was beautiful to see. Huge thanks to Joe Mamma Cycles in Ottawa, East Side Cycle and all the boys in Kitchener, ZM Cycle & Fitness in Toronto and all the riders that showed up, Le Warehouse for the food, drinks and good times, La Cribs for being awesome and hooking up prizes, Killemall Distro and Ride Fox for all the goodies, the Macduff Family for letting us crash, TEST Racing for giving us a place to paint the beast, AM Painting for supplying the paint, the Brose Farm for always welcoming us like family, Lettrage PM for the printing and branding, and everyone that helped out in a way or another!

Stay tuned for more photos and footage, and be assured that next year’s edition will be even more badass!!

September 20, 2017

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