In order to escape the winter, 11 mountain bike riders from 7 different countries escaped to gather in one of Spain's best-kept secrets: the Canary Islands. During this 10-day stay, they explored the island of Tenerife in search of unique MTB Street spots and landscapes amidst its volcanic terrain.

Directed by Louis Lhomel, "Riding The Volcano" documents the 10 days of bike riding and exploration in a 20-minute video featuring Walter Mayerhofer, Tom Kilcoyne, Simon Edfelder, Niklas Tilk, Pavel Alekhin, Michel Plonka, Louis Lhomel, Tim Begahs, Alexis Roussel, Matt Jamieson, and Fran Luis. Big thanks to Fran for the warm welcome and for showing us all the hidden gems the island has to offer.

To freeze this trip in time, we have gathered a large collection of photographs and cooked up a photo zine including a behind-the-scenes look accompanied by descriptions of different key moments of the trip.

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August 18, 2023

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