If you're not familiar with the name Jonas Nylund, it's because nobody calls him that way. In fact, Jonas is born in Finland and moved to Barcelona for good weather and bike riding, where he was quick to link up with Walter Mayerhofer and Tom Kilcoyne. To this day, I am not 100% sure why his instagram name is Junttu, but when Louis Lhomel first met him, he referred to him as Johntot (however you wanna write this) and it sticked.

After years of peer pressure from his 2 bully riding buddies, Junttu finally collapsed and got himself a nice Partymaster V2 frame, and seems like he loves it so far! Scroll down below for more photos and a full specs list of his rigid masterpiece.

I’ve only had few rides under with this frame, but it has been the frame i’ve been looking for. It’s a perfect fit for riding street or if you just want to have some fun in the bowl. I’m hyped to have this bike built, because it looks super nice with the golden stickers and the seat combined. Can’t wait to have more sessions with this beauty.

- Jonas Nylund - Barcelona, Spain


Frame: The Rise Partymaster V2
Fork: Altruiste 613 Rigid
Headset: XLC HS-109
Stem: NS Bikes Chemical
Bars: NS District
Grips: ODI Long Necks
Seat: Bonedeth Vibrator Pivotal
Seatpost: Tom Kilcoyne’s old one
Cranks: Merritt Battle 165mm
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia 25T
Pedals: Eclat Centric
Chain: KMC
Front Hub: Merritt Non-Stop
Rear Hub: Odyssey Cassette
Rims: Dartmoor Shield
Front Tire: Maxxis DT
Rear Tire: Atlas

partymasterv2 partymasterv2
August 02, 2023

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