Damn it feels good to release this one. We first started thinking about this Tour about 10 months ago, and today is the day we finally share the final result with y’all! To be honest, we’re still amazed by the fact that we made it happen and how great everything turned out. Wether it is learning about bus regulations, driving licenses, figuring out how to book the right venues or dealing with all the problems we faced along the way, you would think we’re crazy if we told you how many hours we spent working on this project. But in the end, it is absolutely worth it and we’re extremely proud to finally present the finished project; the Full Video of The Partymaster Tour 2017!

Aidan Horn at The Brose Farm. Photo By Hector Saura
Sam Croots at the Rock Quarter. Photo by Hector Saura

Spending this much time on the road with such a large crew of people was one hell of a ride! The way biking got along with rock music was a beautiful thing, especially with a rock band like Blue Cheese on board. Talking about Blue Cheese, their New Album Reborn Into Void was released a few days ago and it’s absolutely amazing. These guys are so talented and have such a unique sound, so make sure to Download Reborn Into Void and show them some love!

Once again, thanks to everyone involved, y'all know who you are! This Tour was one hell of an adventure and we're forever thankful we got to be part of it. See y'all on The Partymaster Tour 2018!

February 20, 2018

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