If you ask me about Sam Croots, I’d say that he’s one of my best friends because he’s funny as hell, and that he’s one of the most underrated riders in this freestyle MTB game. He’s that dude that’d be chillin extra hard, like he’s watching paint dry, then pulls the craziest banger of the day like it was nothing. And it’s weird to say, but the fact that he’s that smooth on the bike kind of takes the craziness away on video because it just looks too easy! But do you know why his riding is so good? Fairly simple; because he’s got the best tool for the job! Croots has been on a prototype Partymaster frame for a few years now and recently made some MAJOR upgrades to his build, peep more photos and the full specs below!


Frame: The Rise Partymaster
Fork: RockShox Pike DJ 100mm
Bar: Ns district
Grip: BSD Dan Paley
Stem: Merritt Front Load
Headset: First 44mm Tapered
Cranks: Profile Racing 175mm
Pedals: NS Aerial Pro
Sprocket: Kink Minus 30T
Chain: KMC
Seat: Merritt SL1
Wheels: Industry Nine Grade 300
Tires: Resist Nomad 26″

February 28, 2018

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