Matt Macduff


Claremont, Canada


The Rise, Norco, Industry Nine, O'Neal, Maxxis, Title

Matt has been involved in The Rise since the very start. We've seen him grow from a punk kid riding 24" wheels to a legend riding 40 ft. loops and starring in the biggest bike videos. There is no words to explain how dedicated he is to his sport and his accomplisments speak for themselves. It is an honor to have such a talented and dedicated human being within our family.

"Matt is the type of dude who gets along with everyone! He will have a good time no matter hanging out with your sketchiest friends or your grandparents. Matt would give the shirt off his back to help the homies out and has personally let a punk kid like me stay at his family's house haha! Stoked to see everything he is going to accomplish now that he's back to 100% from his crash!"

- JP Maffret