Louis Lhomel


Montreal, Canada


The Rise

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Louis Lhomel has been an integral part of The Rise since the very start. A truly unique character driven by nothing but ambition to accomplish new things in the best way possible. He is the mastermind responsible for the vast majority of videos The Rise has ever released. His riding is just as unique. He might be crashing so hard that anyone would call it a day, next thing you know he's back up laughing and lands a trick that makes no sense at all.

"Where do I start?! This dude is the creative genius behind the camera for the Partymaster Tour videos and absolute hero of human. Louis is loose as fuck on a bike and keeps pushing the boundaries and always with massive smile! The dude has an infectious energy and always keeps the crew hyped when filming clips. Absolute joy to film with and watch ride. The dude kills it at the nose manual game too and has a handle full of unique tricks in his locker. My favourite Louis moment was him blasting a massive superman seat grab and then flair at the Barn Mayhem jam, guaranteed to get everyone hyped."

- Tom Kilcoyne