Johannes Neuhauser


Innsbruck, Austria


The Rise

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Johannes grew up riding bikes with Walter Mayerhofer in Salzburg before moving to Innsbruck where he still resides. In general, he is so calm that it's almost scary when he tells you what trick he's about to do. You always know that he's got it because he is smart as hell and knows what he's doing, but you always wonder if he understands how crazy the trick really is. A genuinely good-hearted dude who becomes the absolute opposite of calm when the party starts.

"Johannes is probably one of the most dialed riders i know! He has it all, from huge wall rides to big dirt jumps to tech street. He can put a free coaster on and crush the craziest fakie combos as well, there is nothing this guy can’t do and that’s on and off the bike! I had the pleasure spending most of my riding days with John as we grew up in the same city so it was great to always push each other to the next level! Can’t wait for the next session"

- Walter Mayerhofer