Giorgos Panagopoulos


Athens, Greece


The Rise, Propain Bicycle Company, Vee Tire co, Pedals Bike Shop, Conguer Brand

Out of Athens, Giorgos has been on a steady rising for a few years now and never dissapoints. His ability to flick his bike around like it was nothing is very impressive, and he's not afraid to send it in the streets. It will be very interesting to watch how his riding evolves in the future.

"I first met Giorgos on a trip in Athens 3 or 4 years ago, straight away you could see the kid was special. One of those guys that makes riding look way too easy. Throwing bars like they are nothing. Since then, he’s been blowing up, constant bangers on IG and dropped some heavy videos. At such a young age he’s already doing things that are pretty unheard of in the MTB Street world and is progressing at a crazy rate. I’m looking forward to showing him around Barcelona and seeing him vibe with all the other riders in the crew! Welcome Giorgos!"

- Tom Kilcoyne