Cody Gessel


Salt Lake, Utah


The Rise, 5050bmx, Deity Components, Profile Elite MTB, Dirt magic creations, Bicycle Nightmares

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Cody grew up racing Motocross and dabbling around on a sketchy BMX from time to time until he discovered Freestyle MTB at age 17. Fast forward to today, Cody still spends most his time travelling to ride trails and explore new concrete transitions in his yellow Ford Econoline.

"Straight from Salt Lake City, our bud-light drinking while monstertruck-driving american representative Cody Gessel is one of the wildest guys out there. His natural habitat are big trails and big bowls and he rides them unlike anyone else. He’s got tricks too, but if you have ever seen someone with long hair and a blond mustache that jumps twice as high and far as everybody else, you probably have already met him."

- Max Otzelberger