Aidan Horn


Whitley Bay, England


The Rise, Industry Nine, Sensus, Matt Black Tattoo

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Flight enthusiast Aidan Horn is the goat. He's got so many tricks under his sleeve and we have rarely seen someone get as deep in the zone as Aidan. When he aims for a trick or line, his concentration reaches a whole new level and he gets it done all the time. A very impressive rider to see in person, yet an even funnier human to hang out with.

"Aidan Horn, fastest barspins in the game, wicked style in the streets. This Brit is not always easy to understand but when he’s on his bike there is no doubt in what he is doing. He can do every trick in the book, and if he can’t it’s only because he hasn’t tried yet. While visiting across the pond, his favorite Canadian delicacies are iced capps and baconators."

- Jeremy Menduni