As the new year is right around the corner, let’s take a minute and have a look at what happened in 2017 at The Rise. It’s crazy to think that we’re still doing this, still with the same people form day one, and still having a blast! Looking back at the accomplishments makes you realise that everything you do in life starts with nothing but an idea. Once you have the idea, you’re already halfway there; all you have to do is work towards it and never stop. Why am I telling you this? Because with this simple principle, despite having pretty much zero experience organizing events, we brought The Partymaster Tour from an idea, to a success! Videos from the Partymaster Tour will drop in 2018 and you’re probably not ready for it! In the meanwhile, grab yourself a cold one and let’s have a look at some of our highlights from 2017:

You know how it goes; family is always first. in 2017, our family got even bigger with the addition of Alberta’s finest shredder:

Video: JP Maffret – Welcome to The Rise

We kicked off the year strong with a video of the crew shredding all over North Carolina while on a trip to visit our Industry Nine homies:

Video: The Land of Freedom

We also held our first Dirt Jumping demo during Mont-Tremblant’s Double Trouble event. It was awesome to show a different aspect of biking to so many XC and Downhill people, all the kids were stoked and we can’t wait for the 2018 edition!

Video: The Rise at Double Trouble Dirt Jump Jam

Can’t forget about our famous Unexpected Thursday serie to which we added 6 episodes this year:

UT 42: Woodward Weekend Getaway
UT 43: Summer Sessions
UT 44: Arsou to Church!
UT 45: Clubhouse Session
UT 46: Street and Park Clips
UT 47: Woodward East Trip

On a different note, in 2017, we lost a member of the family. Back in July, our brother Vincent Allard took his own life. I could go on and on about how much we miss him everyday, but this article will give you a better idea of what kind of man Vincent was. RIP Brother.

Vincent Allard: A Hero Gone Too Soon

As I have your attention, I’d like to tell you what whatever you’re dealing with in your life, you can overcome. We all have moments where everything around us collapses and life suddenly seems irrelevant, and it’s important to talk about it if you feel like this. As a biking community, it’s important to stick together and help each other out whenever needed.

Despite the image we sometimes project for entertaining purpose, The Rise is built on nothing but love and passion. May your 2018 be full of adventure and good times. Do what you love and treat everyone right.

One love my friends.

December 31, 2017

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