You read that right; another dope rider joins our family! Today, The Rise is really proud to welcome JP Maffret; a badass young shredder from Alberta giving zero fucks about trying to fit in. JP Maffret is that dude that likes to keep it simple and feels at home in any environment, feeding off metal music to ride and destroy anything you put infront of him. You probably remember JP's latest videos like Ride Everyday and his Split Part with Matt Macduff in Keep It Real, the dude can shred and there's no doubt about that! Last year, JP got involved in a car accident which left him with a severe whiplash, forcing him to stay off the bike for the most part of the year. He's still recovering from it and is getting better everyday, and luckily he had already started stacking clips before the accident. For his welcome video, he stayed in the streets and did his thing like a boss, but the great thing about JP is that he can ride everything with ease, and he's always down to shred any type of terrain. Peep the video above and read a quick interview with the dude below. Stay tuned for JP's Bikecheck dropping next week!

"Shoutout to my mom and brother for being the best people in my life.’’

TR: How did you discover The Rise, and what does it mean to you?

JP: All their dope street videos pretty much, like I used to love the NWD street parts and since then the rise have pretty much been the main dudes holding it down for street mtb.

TR: What influences your riding?

JP: Matt Macduff because he is just the sickest dude on and off the bike and has helped me out a lot in life. Also some skaters too cause of the way they dress and are also so gnarly

TR: What do you think Mtb can learn from other sports?

JP: I think MTB needs to learn that you can look however you want or ride however you want cause it seem like most people in the sport are kind of looking like jocks wearing jerseys and shit and a lot of dudes seem to be chasing the same tricks aswell.

TR: What and where do you ride the most?

JP: Park, I have probably like 10 park within an hour from my house so I always like to change it up and get creative.

TR: How would you describe yourself in 1 word?

JP: Chillin haha

TR: Any projects in the works?

JP: Not right now, just taking it easy. Hopefully go on some trips with the boys this summer!

TR: What music are you listening to these day? Any bands you would recommend?

JP: Bunch of stuff man. Punk, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Core and Rock. And ill just give you a couple bands for each genre. Punk: The Spits, Sonic Youth and Bad Brains. Thrash: DRI and Municipal Waste. Black Metal: Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem. Death Core: Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin. Rock: The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Motorhead and the Beatles. Music is my life.

TR: Whats your #1 for 2017?

JP: Happiness Health and Homies.

TR: Any last words or Shoutouts?

JP: Shoutout to my mom and brother for being the best people in my life.

Once again, we're super stoked to have JP on board! We wish you all the best with the recovery and we can't wait to shred with you soon! Let us know how you liked JP's Welcome video in the comments below, and make sure to Follow JP on Instagram to see what he's up to! Welcome to the team JP !

May 10, 2017

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