After welcoming him to our family a few months ago, Salt Lake City Metal Head Cody Gessel finally releases his Welcome to The Rise video, and it’s exactly what you were hoping for. Fresh on the team, we invited Cody on our 2018 Partymaster Tour where he would meet most of the crew for the first time, and it was a perfect fit to say the least. The guy is so down to earth, yet won’t miss a chance to fly off a transition in a way you didn’t think was possible!

For his Welcome to The Rise video, he stacked some fire clips on a few trips around his hometown, shredding concrete bowls, dirt jump and some street while making sure he stays above the speed limit. Get ready for a dose of high speed shredding with a touch of rowdy rock’n’roll flavor in the mix, signed Cody Gessel.

Here’s a few words from the man himself, you can find out more about Cody on his Profile Page:

“To join The Rise this year has been so tight! Everybody is super unique and kills it on and off the bike. It’s not about what you do it’s how you do it and how much stoke you put into it. You know when the crew gets together its nothing but fun and time to party hard and shred harder.”

Welcome to the Team Cody !

October 24, 2018

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