Thank you Mystic was kind of the title I came up with, after my injury. This initiative started after the Tenerife trip, it gave me motivation to pull out the camera and start collecting clips. Initially I wanted to get clips from Park, Street and Trails and call the project "Anytime Anywhere", plus the Park part was supposed to be filmed by night.

I wanted to bring a riding slightly different from what I used to do at that time (i was trying to get that Trick Machine side every eastern guy was having there) but for this video I was eventually trying to bring tricks I didn’t do much, to bring something new and not present the same thing I post on instagram.

Things took another turn on April 1st, after I broke my elbow on a stupid high jump challenge (you’ll never see me doing theses challenges again hahaha) Anyways, I found myself sitting on a bunch of park clips, but not the final project I imagined at first.

As my Erasmus was coming to an end, I didn’t want to mix theses clips with something else so I chose to put them together as a last memory from this place I spent so much time riding and learning stuff. Mystic, Štvanice is such a cool park that I would have liked to have to progress from my beginnings on the bike, I'm very thankful for all the sessions and the people I've met there !

- Alexis Roussel

October 31, 2023

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